About Us


Founded in 2002,

M2A Electric Engineering designs, creates and installs automation and electric and electronic prototype systems, which have the aim of commanding and controlling machines and industrial production lines. It relies on the union of solid specific know-how, acquired from the experiences of highly qualified technicians with different years of activity, in constant evolution, with the enthusiasm and strength of will of young technicians who are now part of M2A’s workforce.

M2A is attentive to the needs of its customers, and is always ready to research and create cutting-edge, imaginative and practical solutions in step with technological evolution, which is also supported by a pre- and post-sales service that mark it out as the ideal partner for any company.

M2A deals with:

  • Technical advice, preliminary research, analysis.
  • Planning.
  • Manufacture of equipment and control panels.
  • Assembly and cabling on machines or systems.
  • Application software for PLC and HMI
  • Application software for Motion Controllers
  • Application software for SCADA and MES
  • Robot applications and software.Artificial Vision applications.
  • Retrofitting of machines or systems.
  • Bringing systems up to standard and making them safe.
  • Service assistance and maintenance.